Hello everyone, welcome to our honey team!

Most of us are the senior student of Szent István University College for Advanced Studies on Beekeeping and some bee-friends. We all have major concerns about the fate of the Hungarian beekeeping industry and the reputation of Hungarian honey. Currently about 16 000 Hungarian family's livelihoods is based on the beekeeping industry as an additional source of income or as principal, and thus indirectly contributes to the retention capacity of the rural population as well.

Méh a virágokon Méh a virágokon Méh a virágokon

We want to contribute in the way that we work toghether as a team with small-scale beekeepers who are inspected by sanitary commissioners. Besides the honey from our bees we help these beekeeprs to distribute their clean and pure honey, because result of many years of experience they never decrease in the quality. Our honeys are pure, dense and delicious!