In some point of view the honey is source of vitamins, medicines and cosmetics

Today, during the renaissance of re-discovering we find more and more benefits of natural foods including the honey. Honey is not just food, but vitamin-and mineral-rich foods, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics as well. A versatile material that can help a healthier lifestyle. He picks a fight the bacteria that aids digestion and selection of water, a sedative and topical wound care, too.

Cough syrup, honey

Thoroughly mix 15 ounces of honey, 5 g of glycerin and the juice of two lemons. Place small jars, seal, and use as needed.


In a small tablespoon of honey mixed with a mug of warm milk works wonders, really relaxing.

Nasal congestion

A small spoon of honey in a small saucepan, dissolve in water, towel over it and inhale. Very effective!


Ancient Greek athletes ate honey can improve endurance races before and after racing to recover. Dissolve one part of honey four parts water, then keep in the fridge and sip from a spoonful.

Deep Cleansing Face

Mix one part honey to one part oatmeal and apply to the face. Leave to act for half an hour, then wash off. Acne, acne skin miracle.

Hair conditioning

Mix one part honey to one part olive oil and rub into the hair and then wrap a warm towel. Leave it for at least ten minutes and rinse. Very good for the head skin is shiny, it will be flexible in our hair.


Mix one part honey to one part almaecettel, then dilute with water to taste. It improves digestion and also helps in weight loss.

Sore throat

A teaspoon of honey melt in the mouth and throat of the Drain. It relieves inflammation.


The honey is dissolved in water has a stabilizing effect, compensates for the above and below. Part One four parts of water dissolve honey.


Brush generously with honey on the burned skin. Cools, soothes, and results in rapid healing without sebesedés. The bacteria are unable to survive in the honey.


If you use honey instead of sugar in baked goods, they can remain fresh. The recipe contained liquid to reduce by one fifth to compensate for the quantity of honey.


A mix of the age's food, or his drink: a glass, add four teaspoons. The "more pieces" of the movement, the more you should give your baby honey. When their teeth comes just smudge some honey on the gums, it soothes and local anesthetic effect.


A teaspoon of honey before bed to help retain water and calmed the fears of contrast.


Everything to replace sugar with honey. The refined sugar is completely twirly for the body, depriving the nervous system of vitamins, and can also cause behavioral problems, but there is absolutely no nutritional value.


Research has shown that a teaspoon of honey a day helps calcium absorption to help prevent osteoporosis. Everyone over 50 would be beneficial to consume honey a day.


Dissolve a tablespoon of honey with half a glass of warm water. Little by little sip, when we just break the migraine, and if necessary repeat after 20 minutes.


One part of honey, dissolve one part warm water. When cooled, foment or bandage on our eyes.


An interesting fact is that beekeepers are among the lowest occurrence of cancer and inflammatory diseases of the joints of the profession all over the world. Regular honey consumers era the longest-lived.

Source: Egészség-Vitalitás-Natúra